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JULY 2016


Next Step Training

Lindsay Brown & Paul Spain from Rotary came to provide mock formal interviews for our students needing to gain evidence for their Formal Interview Unit. The students prepared well and Lindsay & Paul were impressed with the quality of their CVs and cover letters. Lindsay & Paul are very experienced interviewers and their feedback to each student was much appreciated. 

  • The advice I received after the interview was great!
  • Having this experience to remember when doing the real thing will be useful.
  • I was nervous at first but the man was really nice and I felt relaxed talking after that.
  • The process of preparing for the interview was very useful.
  • Watching the recording was useful and I will take a copy to review again.
  • Feedback was good.
  • Helpful experience overall.


Science Kids

St Bernadettes and Carisbrook Schools have successfully completed Science Kids for Term 2. 

The PCOMS results for each school are very positive. The students are asked at the start of the programme, halfway through the programme, and at the end of the programme ‘How you feel about your learning in Science’. All the students at St Bernadettes had an increase from start to finish on their score – an average shift of 8.4. At Carisbrook School, 66% of the students had a positive shift from start to finish on their score – an average shift overall of 3.1.


Incredible Years

The Incredible Years parenting programme finished with eight parents successfully completing the course, and shared a celebration event with the other Incredible Years course members from Carisbrook School, from the group facilitated by Rebecca from the Ministry of Education and Tangi from the Pacific Trust of Otago. We met with the participating parents, their partners and children, for a meal and presentation ceremony where parents spoke about what they had gained from the course and received a certificate and a small gift in recognition of their hard work and achievements during the fourteen week course.

Parents spoke of the value of working in a group and supporting each other and many have made friendships which we hope will continue to grow. We were happy to see that the evaluations completed by our course members showed their satisfaction with the course and the assessments the parents completed on their children’s behaviour showed that most had seen an improvement. For the parents who completed PCOMS, there was also an improvement noted in each case. These results are consistent with the reports from parents that their children responded positively to the strategies they put in place during the course.


Little Citizens Client Support Worker

It has been busy with clients both in the community, and also engaging with the new and returning parents enrolling at Little Citizens. Issues facing individuals include custody issues, domestic violence, and housing.  One client has had some significant and relatively urgent issues regarding housing. Through her perseverance she is now moving into her own Housing New Zealand home with her daughter.  This move has enabled her to move out of an environment that she felt was very unsuitable into one where she can live independently.


Early Years Hub

There have been some busy weekends and evenings at the Hub this month. These have included  the Plunket Antenatal Classes on the first weekend in the month both Saturday and Sunday and also a class on Tuesday evenings; Parenting through Separation; Antenatal Breast feeding classes and one of our regular families had a small birthday party for one of the children. The Hub also hosted a group of parents and children from the New Zealand Sign Language community for a series of sign language classes for four Sundays.  


Take 10 Streets

Over the last few weeks Dawn has got to meet quite a few more of the residents of the Take 10 Streets area, particularly those who live in Reid Road and Melbourne Street. A new theme which has begun to emerge, particularly in Melbourne Street, is residents and their visitors parking their vehicles inconsiderately, as well as the road being used as part of a speed circuit. However, the predominant theme for change remains the desire for a shopping centre with a better and more varied selection of shops, for South Dunedin to have its own library and the desire for better quality housing. Two men Dawn met were particularly down about the poor quality of their homes, one was a single parent to a small child, both frightened to ask the landlord to make improvements as they were concerned it would result in rental increases they couldn’t afford. In both cases Dawn was able to pass on information about the insulation project being currently run to help landlords update their properties at little or no cost; they also discussed some of the things they could do to help improve the warmth and health of their homes. The man who was a single parent was also very interested in the information about the ‘Habitat for Humanity’ organisation, he told Dawn that she had made his day and never in his wildest dreams did he think there could be a possibility of owning his own home.


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