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MARCH 2018


Pūtaiao Tamariki

Work is underway to deliver to three Invercargill schools in Term 2, Fernworth, New River and Newfield primary schools have all confirmed. Eight students will be chosen and the Lindisfarne Parish has once again kindly donated their van. The program will be delivered over a six week period one night per week and will commence week beginning 7th May (second week of term two). Counsellor Lloyd Esler, QSM will be delivering the sessions and has prior experience with all three schools. He has a wealth of knowledge in Science. The feedback has been extremely positive and children were excited about the opportunity and we had consent forms back from one school within days of receiving them.


Prison Literacy & Numeracy

The remand class was enquiring when the next class was – they are really enjoying the diversity of what we are offering as well as the method of delivery, personable and direct. [The Mission is the only provider in NZ with a contract to deliver to on-remand prisoners.] One of the Step Up learners was especially excited when he learnt that by doing the core generic subjects with us he was now qualified for NCEA 1,2 and 3 all at once; he is now looking at small business training to support his goal of going into business with his father.


Prison Foundation Skills

One student from the Foundation Skills Level 2 programme has been actively avoiding doing any of the computer based units of work, he gets very worried in case he makes a mistake and won’t know how to fix things. His fellow students in the class have been very encouraging of their friend, with their support and some specific one on one tutor help, this student has now had the courage to work on ‘Word’. He is now half way through the unit of work and has surprised himself in actually enjoying the work, he confessed last week his confidence in using ‘Word’ has increased and he is no longer gripped by panic sitting in front of the computer.


Little Citizens

With the increase in our licenced numbers for infants and toddlers in the Kiwi Room, we have had 12 new enrolments in recent weeks, including three 6 month old babies. This has been a huge challenge for teachers in the Kiwi Room. We have had to settle children into an environment that is new, strange and unsettling for them. Babies often settle quickly into this new environment, but 3 of our 12-20 month old new children have struggled with separating from their Mums, and settling into the Kiwi Room. We have worked with whānau to establish relationships, and develop a sense of belonging and whanaungatanga for them in our room. We have made changes to our daily programme, holding a second mat time to settle and prepare children for lunch and a period of transition, also giving teachers time to tidy up and complete last nappy changes.

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