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MAY 2016


Invercargill Skills for Dads

The first delivery of Skills for Dads programme by Nga Kete in Invercargill prison with 8 participants has been successfully completed. Aggregating the PCOMS data, the average shift in parenting knowledge and confidence is 5.3. The facilitators from Nga Kete fed back how much they enjoyed delivering the programme and what a difference it did actually make to the men who participated. 


Corrections Literacy Numeracy

Most of the learners who come to the Literacy and Numeracy classes are pleased to be able to come and participate, however one particular learner who was suggested to join the group was not happy to have to do the course. But he came and slowly started to participate. Now he participates fully and last week brought a short biographical story he had written to class which he read out to the class, who gave him a round of applause at the end. He is now working on another story which will hopefully become one of many that he can put together in a collection.


Beyond 10 Streets

Over the last few weeks Dawn has continued to have many positive conversations with the Beyond 10 Streets residents, most with a desire to see positive changes within their immediate and wider community – from getting to know neighbours better to seeing an improved shopping centre. She came across a man who had a real desire to play a bigger part in making his community a safer place, to do something constructive and worthwhile. He was still really interested in being involved with the patrol but was unsure how he should go about it. With a little investigation he was able to get the contact name and number for the local co-ordinator. He was so thrilled and fired up with enthusiasm, he was going to get in touch with the co-ordinator and let Dawn know how he got on. Dawn also met a young mum who had a nine week old baby and was keen to have contact with other young mums, she was able to talk to her about the Hub and the groups which ran from there. The craft group also has a new member - Dawn met a retired lady when door knocking who said that she had found it difficult getting to know people. She has loved coming to craft and now goes to an exercise class with one of the other craft ladies.


Clutha ECE Project

Kerri has been making enquiries as to who the secretary of Federated Farmers is in the Milton area as a meeting with him would help to get to know what young families are in the farming community. With the downturn in farming many farming families with young children are now choosing not to travel into town to drop their children at early childhood centres. A suggestion from our MoE contact was an option for the families to get together and use Te Kura (the correspondence school). Kerri ran this idea by an ex-farmer – they thought the idea had merit but may be hard to implement in hectic farming lives.


Little Citizens

In the Kiwi Room we have been focussing on working together in small groups, developing relationships, language and social skills. Recently we have been working together on Matariki art, and created a display to share with whānau and visitors on our Family Matariki Dinner Night. The children added stars and glitter to background scenes on Van Gogh’s Starry Night, or the night sky above The Church of the Good Shepherd at Tekapo. Gluing is always a favourite activity, and holding the brush, pasting it into the glue container, and brushing it purposefully over the paper develops dexterity and control over the muscles in wrist, hand and fingers. We also decorated cut-out stars to add to our display.


Little Citizens

We held our annual Matariki Dinner on 17th June.  This event was very well attended with over 100 parents and children attending along with grandparents, aunties and uncles - it was a real whānau affair. The children had all their Matariki artwork displayed on the walls which the parents enjoyed.  Speaking to our parents, they love the dinner and look forward to it each year. The dinner provides an opportunity to talk to other parents. A lot of the nursery parents are new to the centre and it was nice to see them all sitting together and chatting.


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