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Ph: 03 466 4600

Fax: 03 456 3103
44 Teviot Street

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South Dunedin, 9012



Empowering people to create change that works


What Is Client Support?

Our client support services are designed to help people with issues of any size. Clients have a wide range of reasons for using our services, including; sorting through a worry, accessing information, checking benefit and housing entitlements, working through a difficult decision, finding out how get help from other agencies, or dealing with an emergency or a family crisis.

Our client support workers have a great deal of experience in finding a way through worries, agencies and problems. People who utilise our client support services develop resiliency and acquire skills to deal with future issues more effectively, leading to meaningful, long-lasting change.

Client support services are FREE TO ANYBODY


It's About What You Want

Our client workers are here simply to help you with the things you would like to get sorted. 


It's Not a Bother

It's often the small things that make all the difference. If there is something bothering you, big or small, we would like to help.


Your Privacy

The information you give us will be kept private, except where we have your permission to share it with others. The Privacy Act also requires us to share information where there is a serious and imminent risk to your or someone else’s health, or we are asked by the police to provide information regarding a criminal investigation.


Distinctive Features

We work with a measurable, strengths-based toolkit, an approach predicated on the understanding that everyone has potential and capacity to grow, change and adapt.


Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT), an evidence-based engagement, monitoring and evaluation tool based on clients finding their own solutions within working relarionships. FIT is proven to dramatically improve outcomes within a shorter timeframe.


Appointments & Further Information

We have client support workers based at Little Citizens and the Tokomairiro Community Hub in Milton. Their assistance is available to every individual / family / whānau that we work with, and also to members of the public. To make an appointment with a client support worker, or to find out more about the service, please call us on (03) 466 4600