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Next Step Training

Moderation with Careerforce, of 2 Health and Disability units went really well last week in Invercargill. As there were only 2 providers represented there, we each moderated the others units. Ann Gill from SIT said that was very impressed with the standard of work from our students. She teaches a pre-nursing course and is very particular about her student’s work, so this was quite a compliment.


Skills for Dads

At OCF one of the men in the Skills for Dad’s course bought up how he was struggling to come to terms with his ex-partner moving forward and starting a relationship with another man. He was concerned that his daughter would consider this man as a father figure and he would not be as important in her life. The other men started sharing their experiences of this same matter. One saying when his ex, recently told him she had a new partner, he said “ok, do you want me to ring you again tomorrow?” She said “yes”, so he hung up. He then didn’t call again for 6 weeks. He then told us that by then he had his head around it all and could talk to her without getting upset.


Brief Drink Driving Programme - Invercargill:

A small group of 6 for this session. They enjoyed using the Booze Goggles for the obstacle course, and the other hands on activities like the board game and card game. This group were quite quiet and so discussion could be difficult to get going. One of them stated and they all agreed that they could walk almost everywhere in Invercargill, so drunk driving was unnecessary and was just poor decision making on their part. They also were able to easily identify several other options for getting home safely when they had been drinking, so overall a good outcome.


Incredible Years Programme

On the Incredible Years programme, parents have learned about the value of keeping their instructions clear and simple so that children understand exactly what their parents want them to do. One parent said she is a lot less stressed after thinking about this, because when she speaks slowly and calmly to her daughter, the little girl is much more likely to do as she is asked. Another mother said that instead of just telling her children ‘clear up!’, at which they often complained or refused, she gave each child a specific task to do and found that they did as they were asked and tidied the room.

We had a great story from a mother who used ‘proximal praise’, a technique we learned about a few weeks ago, to praise one of her sons who was sitting at the dinner table eating nicely, while ignoring the misbehaviour of her other son who had jumped down and was playing instead of eating. After a few minutes of hearing his brother being praised and given attention, the other boy quietly sat back up at the table and started eating! The mother commented on how different this positive approach was from her previous one of shouting at her son to sit up for dinner and ignoring the son who was already at the table. Everyone remained calm and relaxed and her partner said ’Wow, it really worked!’


Client Support Service

A client was referred to the client support service from the Take Ten Streets coordinator. This individual is living in a Housing New Zealand House and had recently relocated from another main town in New Zealand. She was finding it difficult to access services in Dunedin as she is unsure where they are, and what they can offer her. She asked me to support her in getting some information about these places, and she also decided to check her eligibility for any further support from Work and Income. I suggested she look on the computer and we soon realised she was getting all of her entitlements from Work and Income. However she had spent a few weeks not buying food as she had to pay for her visits to the doctor. She now has a list of the food banks that she got of the internet and she will ring, and pick up food parcels from if this is to happen again. She is also very keen to attend the nurse led clinic at the Hub next month and now has the dates of this on her fridge. She said she feels more informed now about finding services that will assist her in the future.


Client Support Service

A middle aged couple were referred to the Mission as they needed help and support around what they were eligible for from Work and Income. The main wage earner was a seasonal worker and she was scheduled to have major surgery on her off season. The couple planned financially for this time off work however there was a medical mishap with the operation which set the couple’s plans back. They found themselves in a financial predicament they had not planned on and this was causing undue stress to them both. The couple had a lot going on for them physically, mentally and emotionally. They felt overwhelmed by the pressure of their finances while trying to ensure the main wage earner recovered from her major surgery. The couple identified they had good family support. They had 2 adult children who were both in daily contact with their Mum and Dad. They also provided support when they could. After having a discussion about Work and Income and ACC the couple felt a bit clearer on what they needed to do. By the time we had our next home visit they had already been to Work and Income and had their applications for support granted. They had asked their daughter to help them deal with ACC and this relieved a lot of their anxiety around this. With the information about Work and Income and ACC the couple were able to move forward with a plan. When we next met they were both in a better place stating they felt like a load had been lifted off their shoulders. While finances were still tight and it was still a bit of a struggle they felt ‘things were going to be ok with the knowledge they now had.’ The couple were happy to end their need of service with the Mission.


Little Citizens

The Tui group are working on children developing persistence and curiosity through giving new knowledge and experiences a go with the support of their more competent peers allowing the children to develop and build new relationships within the centre especially when new to the environment. This element of Tuakana- Teina has enabled children to look out for each other and support each other to gain new skills and knowledge. This is wonderful to see especially when at this age the children are constantly building on their social competencies as they learn strategies for getting along with others and dealing with groups through practicing how to share and take turns and deal with disappointment and frustration in a gentle and friendly manner with more self-control and less impulsivity.


Little Citizens

The children in the Kotuku group have been showing particular interest in working alongside the teachers to keep the gardens maintained through weeding and replanting the strawberries therefore we are building on this through our planning where the children have begun the process of learning the science behind how plants grow through growing their own seeds in a variety of ways. The children are waiting patiently as their carrot seeds begin to sprout in the root viewer with the hope that we can watch this process more closely through seeing what happens under the soil. We are also looking at what plants and people all need in order to stay healthy from food to exercise which will strengthen the children’s ideas and knowledge about healthy living. We are hoping that when we plant out our gardens the food harvested can be used by the children to prepare some food or to be shared with our centre Whānau.

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