Community Social Services

Our Taituāra a Hāpori / Specialists help you to develop new skills, knowledge, and resources, clearing away barriers, so you have more choice in your life. 

The Taituāra a Hāpori will put your and your whānau’s voice and choices first.  We’ll pay close attention to your expectations and hopes, and the knowledge and skills you already have.  We’ll bring evidence-backed tools and practices, strong relationships with other providers, and a focus on good outcomes to help. 

The focus of the service is on you and your family’s goals and your measures of success. We will keep checking in with you on how we’re doing to make sure we’re doing our best.

We’ll listen to your goals, work with you on a plan to achieve them, and the development work that will need to be completed in order to reach your target.  We’ll connect you to other services that can help and work with you on getting the best from those providers.

Sustaining Tenancies

What is Sustaining Tenancies?

Sustaining Tenancies provides support to individuals and whānau who need help to sustain their tenancy and address any issues which put their tenancy at risk. The Methodist Mission Southern provides this service in Southland and this is a Government project to reduce these occurences in our community - ‘homelessness is prevented where possible, or is rare, brief and nonrecurring’.

How will Sustaining Tenancies support tenants?

Agencies or community organisations can refer tenants to a programme – or tenants can self-refer.

Providers will:

  • carry out an assessment to find out the type and level of services the tenant needs
  • work with the tenant to develop a whānau-led plan
  • provide services to the individual, family or whānau based on their plan.
    This could be:
        -   life skills coaching
        -   advocacy and support to navigate services
        -   referral to budgeting advice
        -   advocacy with landlords
  • referral to specialist social and health services as needed
  • work with the tenant to develop an exit plan when they leave the service

Who is Sustaining Tenancies for?

Tenants in private rentals or public housing who need practical support to help to sustain their tenancy and address any issues that are putting their tenancy at risk.

Eligibility criteria: any vulnerable tenant who is at risk of losing their tenancy, who has, or is experiencing one or multiple risk factors and/or adverse life events.

Three levels of service

  • Three levels of service Vulnerable tenants - individuals and whānau at risk of losing their tenancy receive six months service (Level 1)
  • Vulnerable tenants with one or more risk factors - may have problems with alcohol and drugs or require mental health support - receive six to nine months service (Level 2)
  • Vulnerable tenants experiencing multiple risk factors and adverse life events - may have been recently released from prison or have a history of family violence – receive nine to twelve months service (Level 3)

HKaupapa Māori principles underspin Sustaining Tenancies services

  • TeMauri o te whānau: enabling the life force, an essence for revival and fulfilment, to be sustained in wellbeing
  • Tikanga: doing things right, being in the right place at the right time
  • Whanaungatanga: delivering services for Māori through a whakapapa lens
  • Manaakitanga: key mechanisms of engaging and building relationships
  • Whakamana: empowering whānau intergenerationally
  • Tino Rangatiratanga: self-determination of self-sufficiency through creating your own sense of belonging

If you would like to find out more about this service, please contact
Ora Hitchock at or 0508 123 457